SEIA applauds New York tax exemption for distributed solar

Apr 01, 2015

New York Governor Cuomo signed into law a tax exemption on electricity generated and sold from ”customer-site” solar systems today. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has applauded the move in making the state “solar friendly.”

Potpourri of policy and pricing in Caribbean PV markets

Apr 01, 2015

A new White Paper released today, prepared by GTM Research and Meister Consultants Group, outlines the wide range of system costs and policies amongst the island nations of the region. Jamaica has the widest residential system price range in the region, with prices from between US$2.50/W to $8.00/W reported.

Manz books order for lithium-ion laser welding pilot line

Apr 01, 2015

German PV and battery equipment supply Manz has booked an order to provide a pilot line to a U.S. lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery producer. The booking is for Manz's laser welding process, which the company says can increase quality and performance of the batteries, while reducing production costs.

Leading UK solar developers adjust to new market conditions

Apr 01, 2015

Removal of the Renewable Obligation Certificate for large-scale solar farms from today has prompted a change of tack among solar developers operating in the U.K. market.

Trina sells 49.9 MW UK solar plant for $87.7 million

Apr 01, 2015

Sale of Norfolk solar plant to Bluefield Solar Income Fund Limited part of Trina's strategy to develop and offload power generation assets across leading PV markets.

US: Best practices guides aim to lower financing costs for solar energy systems

Apr 01, 2015

Backed by the U.S. Energy Department's SunShot Initiative, a solar industry group has published new best practices guidelines to reassure investors and ultimately reduce financing costs for solar development.

Sharp supplies peak shaving batteries for Baker Electric facility

Apr 01, 2015

Japanese company's SmartStorage behind-the-meter energy solution selected for utilization with commercial building owners in Southern California.

China dispatch: Huawei continues smart PV solution rollout in China

Apr 01, 2015

ICT company unveils smart PV power station developed in conjunction with Huanghe Hydropower Development at press briefing in Qinghai Province, China.

REC Group inks exclusive residential supply deal with Tucson Electric

Apr 01, 2015

The Norwegian company has signed its first major contract for its new panel line with the Arizona utility, which will use the modules exclusively for its new residential solar leasing program.

WDAS snaps up three Power Cloud solar generation companies

Apr 01, 2015

World Assurance Group enters solar power generation business with purchase of three operating companies from Power Clouds Pte Ltd.


Solar Profile: Beth Spence, American Solar Direct

Mar 18, 2015

Beth Spence, American Solar Direct’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, prides herself on helping communities reduce carbon while improving the economy and creating jobs. Please tell our readers a little about your background, and how you got into the solar industry. I’ve been in the energy business for most of my career. Earlier on […]

What Happens if the Federal Solar Tax Credit Expires?

Mar 13, 2015

The solar industry is booming. But can it sustain its current growth in the absence of the 30% federal tax credit? The U.S. Government’s Investment Tax Credit (ITC) allows for any U.S. tax payer who purchases a solar system (or other renewable energy system) to receive the tax credit equal to 30% of the system […]

Solar Energy Storage In Five Years?

Mar 04, 2015

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the solar industry is going to have to address the energy storage issue soon if the market is to continue growing. Can battery technology be ready for primetime within five years? Current moves on the part of utilities to centralize solar with large “solar farms” notwithstanding, solar will be […]

California Tech Giants Google and SunCity Partner on Residential Solar Fund

Mar 03, 2015

Forward-looking California tech giants Google and SunCity are partnering again to create the largest residential solar financing program in US history. Google has announce its largest foray to date by working with San Mateo, California based SolarCity to create a fund which could finance as much as $750 million in residential solar projects. The new […]

Solar Naysayers Put Politics Before Facts

Feb 27, 2015

Despite the rapid growth in the solar industry worldwide and the mounting evidence that solar technology benefits both the economy and the environment, some anti-solar activists just don’t know when to quit. A recent guest column at Forbes.com by David Williams illustrates just how poorly conceived some of the solar-haters arguments can be. Mr. Williams, […]

SunRun opens New Design Center in Irvine

Feb 25, 2015

San Francisco-based Sunrun, the nation’s largest solar company dedicated to residential systems, is expanding its presence in Orange County, California with the recent opening of a new solar design engineering center in Irvine.

Enviros and Tea Party Agree: Solar is Good for Florida

Feb 23, 2015

Far-left environmental activists and far-right small government conservatives may seem like odd allies, but when it comes to making Florida a leader in solar energy, both sides agree. The time has come to open the market to solar power. California, Texas and Florida have a lot in common. They are the nations three most populated […]

Solar Profile: Wendi Zubillaga, PetersenDean

Feb 19, 2015

Wendi Zubillaga is the Chief Sales Officer at PetersenDean Roofing and Solar and a 29-year veteran of the residential real estate industry. As Chief Sales Officer at the nation’s largest privately-held roofing and solar company, she oversees all facets of the company’s growth, marketing and sales. She also helped create the Builder Advantage program, a […]

Obama and California Partner to Make Solar available to Apartments

Feb 18, 2015

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Julian Castro and California Governor Brown announced recently a program to expand financing for solar energy on apartment buildings. This is a step toward the President’s goal of installing 100 megawatts of across across federally subsidized multifamily housing by 2020. There are over 3 million apartment units in […]

New Report: California Leads the Nation in Solar Job Growth

Feb 12, 2015

The Solar Foundation’s California Solar Jobs Census Finds that California Solar Jobs Grew by Nearly 16% Last Year with Nearly 10,000 More Solar Jobs Expected in 2015. The non-profit research group The Solar Foundation (TSF), released its California Solar Jobs Census 2014 this week, and news was good for the California solar job market. The […]