JinkoSolar 2014 net profit soars, Q4 earnings up 50%

Mar 02, 2015

Falling oil prices won't affect PV growth, says CEO Kangping Chen, who points out that "mounting concern over the environment has been one of the driving factors behind increased solar demand in many key markets, China in particular."

Mounting Systems grows UK presence ten-fold in space of a year

Mar 02, 2015

The German-headquartered mounting specialist sold 204 MW-worth of racking systems in the U.K. in 2014, massively outstripping its sales performance 12 months prior.

Heliatek supplies Asia's largest BIOPV installation

Mar 02, 2015

The Dresden-based organic PV provider is partnering with vTrium Energy on a pilot program that will contribute to the creation of a base for Singapore's future energy mix while also delivering comprehensive data on the performance of the company's solar films in tropical climates.

Solar PV at grid parity in 80% of globe by 2017

Mar 02, 2015

A new report from a MENA region bank shows that solar will be at grid parity within two years in 80% of the world. The Middle East’s leading bank, the NBAD presented the report on Sunday in which it concluded that the recent DEWA solar auction demonstrated that solar is competitive with oil at US$10/barrel and gas at $5/MMbtu.

Huawei signs 150 MW inverter supply deal with Apollo Energy Group

Mar 02, 2015

The Chinese ICT giant agrees to supply its inverters to the Japanese renewable energy company as it expands rollout of its smart PV solutions.

Russia: Hevel launches first full-cycle PV module factory

Mar 02, 2015

The fab's thin-film solar module production technology is based on spraying nanolayers in the manufacturing process, which allows up to a 200-fold reduction in the use of silicon -- the main raw material in solar energy.

Jordan's universities install solar

Mar 02, 2015

pv magazine has learned the Hashemite University is soon going to announce the winner of its tender for a 5 MW solar PV park at its premises in the city of Zarqa in northeast Jordan. The solar installation represents an overall trend in the country, where an increasing number of educational institutions are embracing PV.

NRG tackles ‘technology-driven disruption’ with home solar expansion

Feb 27, 2015

One of the largest operators of conventional fossil-fuel power plants in the United States, with a fleet of nearly 50 GW, NRG Energy is confronting what CEO David Crane on Friday called a “technology-driven disruption of historic proportion.”

PV Expo: Trina CEO says Japan key to “smart energy” rollout

Feb 27, 2015

Japan’s largest solar trade show closed its doors today with intelligent energy solutions emerging as one of the major trends. Trina Solar Chairman and CEO Jifan Gao spoke to pv magazine about the company’s position in the market and how Japan will be key to its roll out of smart energy and smart home solutions.

Proinso launches EPM program in Southeast Asia

Feb 27, 2015

The global PV integrator is strengthening its presence in South East Asia with a new engineering, procurement and management service program across the area.


Solar Naysayers Put Politics Before Facts

Feb 27, 2015

Despite the rapid growth in the solar industry worldwide and the mounting evidence that solar technology benefits both the economy and the environment, some anti-solar activists just don’t know when to quit. A recent guest column at Forbes.com by David Williams illustrates just how poorly conceived some of the solar-haters arguments can be. Mr. Williams, […]

SunRun opens New Design Center in Irvine

Feb 25, 2015

San Francisco-based Sunrun, the nation’s largest solar company dedicated to residential systems, is expanding its presence in Orange County, California with the recent opening of a new solar design engineering center in Irvine.

Enviros and Tea Party Agree: Solar is Good for Florida

Feb 23, 2015

Far-left environmental activists and far-right small government conservatives may seem like odd allies, but when it comes to making Florida a leader in solar energy, both sides agree. The time has come to open the market to solar power. California, Texas and Florida have a lot in common. They are the nations three most populated […]

Solar Profile: Wendi Zubillaga, PetersenDean

Feb 19, 2015

Wendi Zubillaga is the Chief Sales Officer at PetersenDean Roofing and Solar and a 29-year veteran of the residential real estate industry. As Chief Sales Officer at the nation’s largest privately-held roofing and solar company, she oversees all facets of the company’s growth, marketing and sales. She also helped create the Builder Advantage program, a […]

Obama and California Partner to Make Solar available to Apartments

Feb 18, 2015

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Julian Castro and California Governor Brown announced recently a program to expand financing for solar energy on apartment buildings. This is a step toward the President’s goal of installing 100 megawatts of across across federally subsidized multifamily housing by 2020. There are over 3 million apartment units in […]

New Report: California Leads the Nation in Solar Job Growth

Feb 12, 2015

The Solar Foundation’s California Solar Jobs Census Finds that California Solar Jobs Grew by Nearly 16% Last Year with Nearly 10,000 More Solar Jobs Expected in 2015. The non-profit research group The Solar Foundation (TSF), released its California Solar Jobs Census 2014 this week, and news was good for the California solar job market. The […]

Solar Profile: Erica Johnson, Sullivan Solar

Feb 11, 2015

Starting this week, Solar Tribune will feature a series profiling committed individuals who are helping to lead the way to a brighter future, powered by clean, solar energy. The first in our series showcases the work of Erica Johnson from Sullivan Solar Power. Sullivan Solar Power is one of California’s top solar power companies. Based […]

USDA funding for Solar

Feb 09, 2015

Rural solar users may have an easier time accessing funding through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 2015. The highly popular Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) is a part of the Energy Title of the 2014 Farm Bill. REAP provides grants and loans to farmers and rural small businesses to help purchase […]

PG&E Offers New Community Solar Program

Feb 05, 2015

Recently, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) announced that it has received permission from California regulators to offer electric customers a new program that will provide as much as 100 percent solar power for what the company describes as a “modest cost premium.” PG&E plans to begin enrolling customers at the end of 2015 for […]

Solar Thermal Technology: Will It Survive?

Feb 02, 2015

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) has definitely taken a back seat to Photovoltaics (PV) in the last few years when it comes to solar electricity generation, but solar thermal technologies are still far from obsolete. With PV’s installed price continuing its multi-year decline, there are some questions about the viability of solar thermal technologies. Solar thermal […]