Software in photovoltaics can be used as planning or as monitoring tool. In a table below many interesting software planning tools can be found. Software tools covering different categories like analysis, planning, economic evaluation, monitoring etc. are presented. If you are interested in inverter related software tools (inverter planning or monitoring) please visit inverter section where you will find further information and some useful links. Some additional links to shading related software tools are available also in shading section. Some interesting on-line site analysis related tools - sun path charts for example - you may reach via links available in site analysis section.


INSEL - is software for planning, monitoring and visualising energy systems. For this purpose INSEL provides state-of-the-art functions in the form of blocks that can be linked to a concrete solution, for example for simulating meteorological data, electrical and thermal energy components etc.

TRNSYS - (TRaNsient SYstem Simulation Program) is an energy simulation program whose modular system approach makes it one of the most flexible tools available. It includes a graphical interface, a simulation engine, and a library of components that range from various building models to standard HVAC equipment to renewable energy and emerging technologies. TRNSYS also includes a method for creating new components that do not exist in the standard package. This simulation package has been used for more than 25 years for HVAC analysis and sizing, multizone airflow analyses, electric power simulation, solar design, building thermal performance, analysis of control schemes, etc. A special library of components is available to simulate renewable energy-based power generation: PV systems, batteries, wind turbines, fuel cells.


HOMER - the HOMER energy modeling software is a powerful tool for designing and analyzing hybrid power systems, which contain a mix of conventional generators, cogeneration, wind turbines, solar photovoltaics, hydropower, batteries, fuel cells, hydropower, biomass and other inputs. It is currently used all over the world by tens of thousands of people.


Solar Advisor Model (SAM) - The System Advisor Model (SAM) is a performance and economic model designed to facilitate decision making for people involved in the renewable energy industry, ranging from project managers and engineers to incentive program designers, technology developers, and researchers.

RETScreen® - RETScreen® International is a clean energy awareness, decision-support and capacity building tool. The core of the tool consists of a standardised and integrated clean energy project analysis software that can be used world-wide to evaluate the energy production, life-cycle costs and greenhouse gas emission reductions for various types of energy efficient and renewable energy technologies (RETs).
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SOLinvest - umfangreiche Software zur Planung und Wirtschaftlichkeitsberechnung von PV-Anlagen. Beinhaltet eine Solar-Strahlungskarte des Deutschen Wetterdienstes, berücksichtigt verschiedene Kredite der KfW und die Konditionen des aktuellen EEG. Die Ergebnisse können als Tabelle oder als 3D-Diagramme ausgegeben werden.
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EnergyPeriscope - Building on more than a decade of front-line experience working with solar & renewable energy professionals, EnergyPeriscopeTM is designed to speed up and enhance the sales process. Easily crunch the numbers, generate professional sales proposal materials, and manage your sales activities.   


APOS photovoltaic StatLab - APOS photovoltaic StatLab is a software tool for the statistical analysis and the quality assessment of photovoltaic (PV) modules. It makes advanced statistical methodology available for non-statisticians. Based on joined research of RWTH Aachen University and TÜV Rheinland Group, it calculates acceptance sampling plans to assess the quality of the power output of modules. Standard approaches as well as innovative procedures taking into account flash data tables are implemented. It provides easy data handling and data analysis of flash data and lab (control) measurements.

Organic Photovoltaics Analysis Platform - Organic Photovoltaics Analysis Platform (OPVAP) is a group of software used in the field of solar cells, which include analyzing experimental data, calculating optimum architecture based on your materials, and even some research assistant tools such as PicureProcess.

PV Cost Simulation Tool - Photovoltaic cost simulation tool is a virtual fab where every manufacturing steps, equipment and materials can de defined. Material and equipment suppliers can simulate their own products and measure the impact in a virtual process flow. Innovative manufacturing solutions can be modeled and instantly simulate the consequences on cost and return on investment.


pvPlanner - a fast and highly accurate PV calculator of potential electricity production. It can compare PV output on the basis of different technology options such as module type, inverter efficiency, and mounting type. It also allows for easy comparison among sites in Europe, Africa, Asia, West Australia and South America. pvPlanner contains interactive horizont editor for purposes of shading analysis.
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Archelios - Archelios is developed since 2001 by CYTHELIA. This PV solar software was at first designed for educational purposes, to teach students notions about solar radiation. It has been constantly enriched ever since. This PV solar software is ideal for evaluating solar radiation of a site, to design a photovoltaic system and calculate the energy produced and the profitability.
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String Design Tool - One of the most important aspects of designing a solar array is sizing module strings to operate within the parameters of the selected inverter. Renewable Energy Associates has developed a tool to help in that process. Most inverter manufacturers offer some type of sizing tool, whether it’s simple or advanced, it’s usually limited to selecting only their products. The REA System Sizing Tool lets you select from a wide variety of products and manufacturer’s and is completely free.

PV*SOL - PV*SOL is a multi-product suite of software for the design, simulation and financial analysis of photovoltaic systems ranging from small off-grid residential systems to large commercial grid-connected and utility-scale systems. The range of PV*SOL programs include: PV*SOL basic for the quick design, financial analysis and creation of customer proposals for residential and small commercial PV systems up to 300kW. PV*SOL Pro for the detailed analysis of complex PV systems of up to 100MW comprised of up to six different arrays, each can be designed using different sizes, orientations, modules, inverters and losses. PV*SOL Expert which contains all the capabilities of PV*SOL Pro plus the added capability of 3D array design and detailed near shade analysis. The calculations installers, engineers and designers can make are based on hourly data and results can be presented in 3D graphic form, in a detailed project report or in a results summary.

BlueSol - BlueSol is a software for the design of photovoltaic systems in every country in the world. It allows you to perform the entire process of designing a PV system, from the preliminary assessment of producibility to the realization of the project documentation. BlueSol top features are: use of wizards or direct editing for the dimensioning of the photovoltaic system; insertion and verification of cables and electrical components; integrated CAD system to arrange modules, strings, cables, panels and inverters in the planimetry; 3D visualization of layout with simulations of shading of near obstacles and assessments of irradiations on surfaces; electrical scheme automatically created; irradiations specified by the user, from NASA-SSE world wide data, or imported from PVGIS; default and user templates of documents with integrated word processor.

PV F-CHART - is a comprehensive photovoltaic system analysis and design program. The program provides monthly-average performance estimates for each hour of the day. The calculations are based upon methods developed at the University of Wisconsin which use solar radiation utilizability to account for statistical variation of radiation and the load.

Solmetric PV Designer™ - If you design residential and smaller commercial systems of 15 kW or less with either a single inverter or multiple inverters, PV Designer is the design tool of choice. The software is easy to learn and easy to use, and allows detailed analysis practical for all installers, not just engineers of big commercial systems.

DDS-CAD PV - with DDS-CAD PV, complete photovoltaic systems (roof-mounted, roof and facade installation as well as in open spaces) can be professionally planned and visualized in high quality.

Polysun - Polysun Photovoltaic Software provides you with invaluable help in planning, designing and defining your system to the highest standards. Polysun enables you to figure out solar yields and energy savings and get an accurate cost analysis in a matter of minutes.

REA System Sizing Tool - The REA System Sizing Tool lets you select from a wide variety of products and manufacturer’s. The tool is free and available for download through the link above.

PVSYST - is a PC software package for the study, sizing, simulation  and data analysis of complete PV systems. It is suitable for grid-connected, stand-alone and DC-grid (public transport) systems, and offers an extensive meteorological and PV-components database. This software is oriented towards architects, engineers, and researchers, and holds very helpful tools for education.

Solar Pro - Company Laplace System offers diverse software tools. Photovoltaic simulation software Solar Pro is also suitable for shadowing analysis.

PV Professional - Software richtet sich an den professionellen Anbieter von Photovoltaikanlagen. Dies beinhaltet sowohl die grafische Darstellung der auswählbaren Module auf dem Dach, als auch die Berechnung der dazugehörigen Wechselrichter, Strings, Sicherungen, dem AC-Anschluss und vielem mehr.
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Solarius-PV - Solarius-PV è il software di ultima generazione per la progettazione professionale di sistemi fotovoltaici connessi alla rete elettrica di distribuzione (grid-connected).
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EasySolar - EasySolar app is currently the most advanced tool to design PV available from smartphone that contains advanced algorithms developed by engineers of the best European universities of technology along with the largest components base of Photon and the radiation database of NASA.

Scan The Sun - ScanTheSun is an application for mobile ANDROID devices.


Meteocontrol - safer´Sun is a tool for local and/or remote monitoring of photovoltaic systems.

SPYCE - Satellite Photovoltaic Yield Control & Evaluation is a sattelite based tool for remote monitoring and solar yield analysis of photovoltaic systems. SPYCE (Satellite Photovoltaic Yield Control & Evaluation) is based on more than ten years of research by well-known European institutions. The SPYCE methodology was developed by the EU project PVSAT. Some of SPYCE's features are: Automatic failure detection and alarm dramatically minimizes any down time. Failures may be detected before expiry of warranty. No on-site radiation measurements are required. The SPYCE website allows access to the system's yields, reference values and analyses at any time.

pvspot - pvSpot is an online tool that offers accurate yield-to-yield comparison instead of yield-to-irradiance comparison. The main advantage of pvSpot is that it provides an independent and reliable analysis of performance of a PV system. pvSpot uses real-time satellite-based solar and meteo data and a new generation software to calculate the expected energy yield of a PV system and does not require installation of any data logger or ground sensors. Hence, simulated yield is not influenced by faulty or ill-maintained sensors. pvSpot removes the cost barrier associated with effective monitoring of PV systems.


BPS Asset Management - the BPS Asset Management and Monitoring Software has been developed for PV Asset Managers and Owners with diverse portfolios who require a single system of reference to operate effectively and efficiently. With the focus of the solar industry shifting to long term O&M, skilled management combined with useful software can make a significant difference to the bottom line. Providing a wholistic management solution, the BPS platform closes the gaps between performance monitoring, contract obligations, asset tracking, maintenance, warranty, and reporting.


Autodesk ECOTECT Analysis - is an industry leading building analysis program that allows designers to work easily in 3D and apply all the tools neccesary for an energy efficient and sustainable future.

METEONORM - Global Meteorological Database for Solar Energy and Applied Meteorology. METEONORM is a comprehensive climatological database for solar energy applications: a meteorological database containing comprehensive climatological data for solar engineering applications at all points of the globe between the polar circles; a computer program for climatological calculations; a data source for engineering design programs in the passive, active and photovoltaic application of solar energy with comprehensive data interfaces; a standardization tool permitting developers and users of engineering design programs access to a comprehensive, uniform data basis.

Shadow Analyser - Shadow Analyzer is an advanced parametric CAD tool for professionals in the area of Solar Energy Engineering and Architecture.

Shadows - Shadows is a program used to design sundials and astrolabes and it is very useful also in solar energy engineering. Supports plane sundials with polar style of any orientation and reclination, analemmatic sundials, cylindrical and bifilar sundials. Simulates, displays and animates the shadow of the style and offers complete ephemeris of the Sun and draws the Solar Diagram.

Amethyst ShadowFX - Amethyst ShadowFX is a sun and shadow modeling program for architects and town planners. Amethyst ShadowFX enables you to easily generate shadow profiles cast by buildings and other objects for any latitude, longitude and time of year.

Sombrero - A PC-tool to calculate shadows on arbitrarily oriented surfaces. For both, active use of solar energy (domestic hot water, photovoitaics) as well as for passive solar architecture, shading or lighting of planes plays an important role Sombrero provides quantitative results for the shading of collectors or windows by buildings, trees, overhangs or the horizon.

Panorama master - with "Panorama master" you can make exact matched set of photos - base for panorama picture.

Horizon - software simulates sun path diagrams for arbitrary latitude.

GOSOL - Mit dem städtebaulichen Simulationsprogramm GOSOL können städtebauliche Planungen solar+energetisch schnell und zielsicher verglichen, bewertet und optimiert werden.
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Skelion - SKELION, the NEW Solar Energy Design Plugin for Google Sketchup 8.
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Focus Solar - at Focus Solar, we master the art of solar resource estimation. That's the study of how much energy is provided by the sun under different weather conditions. The use of satellite earth observations has brought a whole new dimension to solar resource assessment. Solar home systems and solar power plants can now be planned, operated, and optimized with the support of high-tech instruments from NASA's weather satellites.
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SolarGIS - free solar radiation maps for solar energy community, poster-size high resolution printed maps of various countries and regions, online interactive solar maps and data for site prospecting - iMaps.
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White Box Technologies - For typical year weather data, this website features ASHRAE's IWEC2 weather files for 3,012 international locations outside of the US and Canada, TMY3 weather files for 1,020 US locations, CWEC2 for 80 Canadian locations, and CZ2010 for 86 California locations. Particular attention has been given to the hourly solar radiation combining empirical cloud-based with analytical clear sky models, and then calibrating against satellite-derived solar. WBT also provides historical weather data starting from 2001 to the present for over 8,000 locations around the world (2,200 US, 300 Canadian).

3TIER - Renewable Energy & Information Services.

Photovoltaic Geographical Information System - PVGIS, Geographical Assessment of Solar Resource and Performance of Photovoltaic Technology. Calculations for European teritory, Mediteranian region and Africa are available.


modsolar - subscription based planning and evaluation software. Enter an Address, Let ModSolar Do the Rest.

easy-pv - solar PV design made easy-peasy.

PV-Phil - Are you looking for the perfect possibility to plan PV systems for free? PHIL offers unprecedented calculation methods and is absolutely free of charge.

PVAnalytics - PVA provides users the ability to rapidly size grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) systems and simulate accurate hour-by-hour energy production from anywhere on any device. It integrates proprietary cloud technology with NREL's PVWatts algorithm and up-to-date PV equipment data from the California Energy Commission (CEC). Precision and detail are achieved in a dynamic and user-friendly online environment, making PVA the perfect tool for solar industry professionals.

SolarDesignTool - is an online PV design web app that makes it easy for anyone to design and configure optimal solar electric power systems and panel layouts. The solar design software has a number of features including string configuration for string inverter and distributed MPPT inverter systems, branch configuration for microinverter systems, automatic optimal panel layout generation, remote design using 3D models derived from satellite and aerial imagery, and an embedded drawing tool to quickly sketch or modify installation areas. The tool's mission is to automate system design and make this technology available at an affordable price to independent contractors.

oTilt - oTilt is an online tool for quickly determining the optimum tilt angles for solar collectors. Site can be located in an integrated Google map, searching it using keywords (e.g. Central Park, New York) or by directly entering latitude and longitude.

PVwizard - PVwizard is a web portal focused on assisting all solar power owners keep a vigilent watch over the healthy operation of their system. The basic on-demand benchmark calculator is free always.

Logiciel CalSol - Estimation de l'énergie solaire disponible pour une application énergétique
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Seneca Software & Solar, Inc., Wiresizing spreadsheet and some other tools available online.

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