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Novel NASA instrument sets sights on Earth-bound solar radiation
4 Jul 2022 at 6:24am
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Jul 01, 2022 A very small instrument has a big job ahead of it: measuring all Earth-directed energy coming from the Sun and helping scientists understand how that energy influences our planet's severe weather, climate change and other global forces. About the size of a shoebox or gaming console, the Compact Total Irradiance Monitor (CTIM) is the smallest satellite ever dispatched to observe the sum of

Increasing efficiency of solar cells with more light absorption capacity
4 Jul 2022 at 6:24am
Daegu, South Korea (SPX) Jul 01, 2022 On the 11th (Wednesday), DGIST announced that the research team led by Professor Choi Jong-min of the Department of Energy Engineering at DGIST (President: Kuk Yang) enhanced light absorption capacities and photocurrent generation of solar cells by implementing a nano-structured electrode on the back of the perovskite quantum dot solar cell, which is in the limelight as a next-generation solar c

Thin-film photovoltaic technology combines efficiency and versatility
4 Jul 2022 at 6:24am
Karlsruhe, Germany (SPX) Jun 29, 2022 tacking solar cells increases their efficiency. Working with partners in the EU-funded PERCISTAND project, researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have produced perovskite/CIS tandem solar cells with an efficiency of nearly 25percent- the highest value achieved thus far with this technology. Moreover, this combination of materials is light and versatile, making it possible to

Optical concentrator capture more solar light energy on cloudy days without tracking
4 Jul 2022 at 6:24am
Stanford CA (SPX) Jun 29, 2022 Even with the impressive and continuous advances in solar technologies, the question remains: How can we efficiently collect energy from sunlight coming from varying angles from sunrise to sunset? Solar panels work best when sunlight hits them directly. To capture as much energy as possible, many solar arrays actively rotate towards the sun as it moves across the sky. This makes them more

A rethink of the building blocks for solar panels could help mass production
4 Jul 2022 at 6:24am
Guildford UK (SPX) Jun 29, 2022 An original approach to mass-producing low-cost solar cell foundation blocks could lead to the wide adoption of solar panels made from perovskite ink - a "miracle material" - according to research from the University of Surrey. In the paper published in Scientific Reports, Dr Ehsan Rezaee, a post-doctoral fellow of the Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) at the University of Surrey, explai

Novel catalyst radically enhances rate of conversion of CO2 into solar fuels
4 Jul 2022 at 6:24am
Beijing, China (SPX) Jun 29, 2022 Carbon dioxide or CO2 can potentially be used as a feedstock to be converted into carbon-neutral 'solar fuels' that store energy from the sun. But for them to be competitive with fossil fuels, the chemical reaction that performs this conversion needs much more efficient catalysts. Researchers have recently come up with a photocatalyst structure involving isolated single atoms of copper in a poly

EU ministers set renewable energy target at 40 percent
4 Jul 2022 at 6:24am
Luxembourg (AFP) June 27, 2022 EU energy ministers on Monday agreed to increase the share of European energy consumption coming from renewables such as solar or wind power to 40 percent by 2030. The legally binding target, which was previously set at 32 percent, is part of the EU's ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent by 2030, compared to baseline amounts recorded in 1990. This would set the path

China looks set to build space solar power station
4 Jul 2022 at 6:24am
Xian, China (SPX) Jun 23, 2022 China has made a milestone advance in its effort to build a solar power station in space to convert the sunlight in outer space into an electrical supply to drive the satellites in orbits or transmit power back to the Earth. A research team from Xidian University has wrapped up the world's first full-chain, system-wide ground verification for space solar power station this month, displayin

TrinaTracker Highlights the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Solar PV
4 Jul 2022 at 6:24am
Los Angeles CA (SPX) Jun 22, 2022 TrinaTracker a global leading tracker solution provider, explains the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Solar industry in Genera 2022. Oscar Aira, Head of Solutions Sales EMEA, participated in the Forum that takes place at the International Energy and Environment trade exhibition "Genera" from 14th to 16th June with the presentation "How to Increase Energy Production with Artificial Intel

Leading US solar companies announce consortium to spend over $6 Billion
4 Jul 2022 at 6:24am
Washington DC (SPX) Jun 22, 2022 Leading independent power producers, The AES Corporation (NYSE: AES), Clearway Energy Group (Clearway), Cypress Creek Renewables, and D. E. Shaw Renewable Investments (DESRI), have formed the US Solar Buyer Consortium to support expansion of the domestic solar supply chain and drive the growth of the American solar industry. To meet its ambitious growth targets, the Consortium has launched

Once seen as fleeting, a new solar tech proves its lasting power
4 Jul 2022 at 6:24am
Princeton NJ (SPX) Jun 21, 2022 Princeton Engineering researchers have developed the first perovskite solar cell with a commercially viable lifetime, marking a major milestone for an emerging class of renewable energy technology. The team projects their device can perform above industry standards for around 30 years, far more than the 20 years used as a threshold for viability for solar cells. The device is not only high

Biden calls clean energy matter of national security
4 Jul 2022 at 6:24am
Washington (AFP) June 17, 2022 US President Joe Biden told a climate conference for major economies Friday that Russia's war in Ukraine shows the shift to renewable energy is a matter of national security as well as key to preventing global warming. "Russia's brutal and unprovoked assault on its neighbor Ukraine has fueled a global energy crisis and sharpened the need to achieve longterm reliable energy security and secur

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Solar Panels Helping Old Landfills Embrace a Greener Future
30 Jun 2022 at 12:53pm
by Ryan Regan
As the solar industry has matured over recent decades, solar panels have found their way onto more and more unusual places. Cars, lakes, airports, and Disney World are just a few examples. Although notably less sexy than those examples, solar arrays placed on capped landfills are definitely becoming “a thing” that continues to gather more […] The post Solar Panels Helping Old Landfills Embrace a Greener Future appeared first on Solar Tribune.

The Rise of Agrivoltaics
3 Jun 2022 at 6:18pm
by Ryan Regan
Once upon a time, a common argument by solar energy skeptics was that expansive solar farms would overtake large swaths of American farmland, to the eventual detriment of American farmers seeking to grow crops or raise livestock. The industry has grown and matured in such a way that not only rebuffs this concern but shows […] The post The Rise of Agrivoltaics appeared first on Solar Tribune.

The Solar Powered Cars are Coming…Sort of
4 May 2022 at 6:26pm
by Ryan Regan
The electric vehicle and solar energy markets are both simultaneously growing at record clips, which begs the question, why haven’t cars powered entirely by the sun taken root as the next big thing? On the surface, the prospect of a car powered by an infinite and free power source that is never “off” sounds like […] The post The Solar Powered Cars are Coming…Sort of appeared first on Solar Tribune.

Cleaning Innovations Key to Solar PV Efficiency
2 Apr 2022 at 1:30pm
by Ryan Regan
The efficiency of a solar energy system’s individual PV panels and the amount of sun exposure that said panels receive play a pivotal role in the system’s over ability to harness solar energy. Keeping the surface of the solar panel clean is critical to achieving optimal efficiency and getting the most out of your system. […] The post Cleaning Innovations Key to Solar PV Efficiency appeared first on Solar Tribune.

Putin’s War Accelerates Clean Energy Push
8 Mar 2022 at 3:10pm
by Ryan Regan
Putin’s ill-advised military invasion into Ukraine has had a galvanizing effect across the world as country after country repudiates the war and pledges to arm or otherwise support Ukrainians fighting for their country. The economic impact of the war is still unfolding, but it is clear that the impact in Russia will be historically debilitating. […] The post Putin’s War Accelerates Clean Energy Push appeared first on Solar Tribune.

Big Box Retailers Key to U.S. Solar Ambitions
1 Feb 2022 at 1:10am
by Ryan Regan
The Biden Administration has been clear about its ambitious plans to accelerate the pace of renewable energy deployment in the United States. Plans by the Administration call for solar energy to supply 45% of the nation’s electricity by 2050, a significant increase from the 3% that solar energy accounted for in 2020. The U.S. will […] The post Big Box Retailers Key to U.S. Solar Ambitions appeared first on Solar Tribune.

Solar Power Takes Off at U.S. Airports
27 Dec 2021 at 3:59pm
by Ryan Regan
The Biden Administration recently established a framework for the federal government to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, and many state and local governments have likewise established similar plans to double down on renewables in the coming decades. The nation’s airports figure to play a prominent role in such efforts, and more and more airport authorities […] The post Solar Power Takes Off at U.S. Airports appeared first on Solar Tribune.

2021 Guide for Solar-Inspired Holiday Gifts
29 Nov 2021 at 6:25pm
by Ryan Regan
The holiday season is now upon us and that means that it is time for those holiday traditions new and old that make this time of year so special. Here at Solar Tribune, we have our own holiday tradition of putting out a solar-inspired gift buying guide to help make the tradition of gift giving […] The post 2021 Guide for Solar-Inspired Holiday Gifts appeared first on Solar Tribune.

American Indian Tribes Are Unsung Heroes of Clean Energy Movement
5 Nov 2021 at 2:37pm
by Ryan Regan
Solutions to the world’s climate crisis can often seem overly complex and unnecessarily polarizing. To the indigenous people of this country the path forward has always been more straight-forward – go all-in on renewables. After all, living off Earth’s natural bounty is what this community has been doing for centuries, and many American Indian tribes […] The post American Indian Tribes Are Unsung Heroes of Clean Energy Movement appeared first on Solar Tribune.

The Electric Vehicle Era is Here
1 Oct 2021 at 3:32pm
by Ryan Regan
In what seems like the blink of an eye, the auto industry has embraced electrification in a big way as household names – beyond Tesla – make big investments in battery and related technological enhancements. If you are in the market for a car any time this decade, the overwhelming likelihood is that you will […] The post The Electric Vehicle Era is Here appeared first on Solar Tribune.

Beer Industry Taps into the Power of Solar Energy
30 Aug 2021 at 1:47pm
by Ryan Regan
There is not much that beats enjoying an ice-cold refreshing beer on a sunny summer day. Many beer companies nowadays are also incorporating the sun into their product in a different way, by harnessing the power of solar energy. A Match Made in Heaven An assortment of industries across the global are increasingly turning to […] The post Beer Industry Taps into the Power of Solar Energy appeared first on Solar Tribune.

‘Kentucky Solar’ No Longer an Oxymoron
26 Jul 2021 at 1:45pm
by Ryan Regan
The state of Kentucky was long been synonymous with the coal industry. That perception may still hold some truth today, but solar is no longer the afterthought that it once was in this fossil fuels-rich state. A Nascent Industry Finding its Footing Even by the most optimistic of outlooks, Kentucky’s solar industry is just barely […] The post ‘Kentucky Solar’ No Longer an Oxymoron appeared first on Solar Tribune.

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